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What does it take to appreciate simple things and not only enjoy them, but also find the recipe for fulfilling dreams? Bags of concrete and buckets of silicone! And this is not a joke. This is how the adventure of Joanna and Aleksandra Janusz - the creators of the ZOA Concept brand began. The idea for their brand came from the kitchen, when they started creating their first products in 2018. Later, wax was poured and the scent of oils floated in the air.

How did the idea for the ZOA Concept brand come about? Aleksandra Janusz from ZOA Concept: It started with Asi's wedding dress salon! She had an idea for gift boxes and after long searches, she decided to make them herself. In the end, she got me hooked. There were cotton t-shirts, badges, jewelry stands, and concrete candles! Soon a shelf was set up in the salon, and after a few months, we moved everything to a workshop next to Asi's salon...

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