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I think the idea of mixing luxury and mass-market fashion is very modern, very now - no one wears.
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    Kasia Wysocka,
    online – TerraKata.

    I am a dreamer with experience and this is my greatest source of inspiration.

    With my art I try to express harmony and love. It’s always a simplified, uneven line, often giving the impression of something obvious, but I rarely discover the history of the works, which allows everyone to give their own interpretation and meaning.

    It’s difficult to assign my works to one particular style. I’ve noticed that the shapes of the lines change depending on where I am and what surrounds me.

    I’m inspired by what is happening to me and around me. I love blemishes, I see something individual and amazing in them. By combining it, I create a work of art.
    I draw from the properties of a fragrance that allows me to move to memories in the blink of an eye, and also from the power of nature, which inspires fear and admiration at the same time, which is probably why my works are always ambiguous.

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