About Us

Our philosophy is finding joy in the simple things and make unconventional objects for everyday use. We create collections of candles and lifestyle accessories, which will brighten up your cozy space. All our products are handcrafted from beginning to the end and are made from high quality materials. Each item is unrepeatable and unique, because it brings our imagination come to life. We think sincerely about people and the planet and that’s why we use only environmentally friendly materials. We hope our products will give you as much joy as they bring us. So take a breath, burn a candle and relax, because you are in the right place to slow down.

Ana & Aleksandra

Joanna Janusz

Teacher by profession, ‘thinker’ by passion. Having thousand ideas per minute but not enough time to pursue them. Responsible for the creative process, constantly planning something and can’t work without music. In her spare time, thinks what else to do and then she’s angry that there’s no time!

Aleksandra Janusz

Graphic design student, stubborn as a mule, with huge heart and vast faith in people. Our own environmental influencer thanks to whom we educate ourselves, also loves supporting small businesses and trying new vegan finds!
Responsible for candles and shipping so all the packages can get to you in time!