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MEDIO candle refill

MEDIO candle refill

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  • Refill your favourite 220g MEDIO candle
  • Simply choose your favorite scent and enjoy the new candle glow for the days ahead.
  • 220g scented coconut and soy wax refill. 45 hours
  • 3-5 days processing time
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  • Instructions for Candle Refill

    1. Prepare the Empty Jar: After the candle has burned out completely, gently warm the empty jar to melt any residual wax.

    2. Clean the Jar: Carefully wipe out the interior of the jar to eliminate any remaining wax residue. If using water for cleaning, take precautions to prevent wax residue from entering drains.

    3. Insert the Candle Refill: Once the jar is thoroughly cleaned, insert your candle refill into it. Ensure proper alignment and fit.

    4. Light and Enjoy: Light the candle refill and relish the delightful fragrance it emits.

  • WARNING: ZOA concept's candle refills are specifically crafted for use in our jars. It is crucial to insert the candle refill into the jar before lighting it. Failure to follow this instruction could lead to injury or fire hazards. Always exercise caution when handling lit candles.