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Organic Shelf

Organic Shelf

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A handcrafted shelf made from hempcrete and plaster embodies the essence of soft minimalism with its organic shape, light colors, and unique qualities. Hempcrete, a sustainable material derived from hemp fibers mixed with lime and water, contributes to the shelf's eco-friendly profile. The handcrafted nature of the piece adds a touch of authenticity and craftsmanship.
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  • The organic shape of the shelf embraces fluid and natural lines, deviating from rigid geometric forms commonly associated with traditional designs. This characteristic enhances the overall aesthetic, promoting a sense of harmony and balance within the space. The use of soft, light colors further accentuates the minimalist approach, creating a serene and calming atmosphere.

  • In addition to its visual appeal, the shelf's construction from hempcrete offers several advantages. Hempcrete is known for its excellent insulation properties, regulating temperature and humidity effectively. It is also a sustainable and renewable material, aligning with the principles of eco-conscious design. The combination of hempcrete and plaster results in a durable and long-lasting piece of furniture, making it a practical and environmentally responsible choice.

  • Ultimately, this handcrafted shelf represents a convergence of organic design, sustainable materials, and the soft minimalism trend, contributing to a space that is both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally conscious.

  • Details & Dimensions

    • The matte finish of natural alabaster plaster creates the sculptural shape.
    • Material: hempcrete, plaster 
    • Dust with dry cloth
    • 14" x 7.5"  x 4"
  • Made to Order in 6-8 weeks

    Please be aware: As a result of the handmade process, every object will bear the maker's marks and may exhibit slight design variations, rendering each piece unique in its own right.